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At Cormack Recruitment our experts provide a host of recruitment services to assist companies in securing top talent for a variety of industries, businesses and positions.

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At Cormack Recruitment talent acquisition is our primary focus. In addition to our candidate database and other resources, our Recruiters are tapped into the market with well-established networks of top talent and are skilled in identifying suitable candidates for any client’s needs. By managing the recruitment campaign from start to finish and everything in-between, we take the legwork out of hiring so that Clients can remain focused on the day-to-day demands of their business.

The Client Experience

Acquiring the right talent starts with determining a recruitment strategy that ensures on-going Client support, candidate engagement, search momentum and a successful hire.

To begin with our Recruiters learn the specific criteria required in order to target candidates that not only possess necessary skills and experience, but who align with a Client’s philosophies, values and priorities. Through a host of sourcing efforts and in-depth interviewing, our Recruiters are able to determine candidate suitability and submit to Clients Cormack Recruitment Approved candidates for further consideration.

During the next set of recruitment stages, Recruiters further support Clients by managing the coordination of interviews, assessments, references and background checks and are the conduit of communication and follow up between Clients and Candidates to maintain and validate the interest of both parties. And, Cormack Recruitment conducts regular ‘Check Ins’ with Clients to ensure we are meeting their expectations in service and delivery. All efforts combined, we ensure Clients get the support and knowledge required that enables them to make sound decisions on candidate selection and proceed with an offer of employment.

Providing quality service and quality outcomes, our Experts exceed Client’s expectations and support our partnership with an uncompromised work ethic, professionalism, discretion and integrity.

Services and Fees

Cormack Recruitment offers flexible recruitment plans customized to meet every Client’s business needs without compromising service, value and the end result. Whether recruiting executive management or entry-level positions, we work closely with Clients to determine a package of services that make sense for their business and their budget.

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At Cormack Recruitment Ltd. we place tremendous value on our candidates and consider our relationship on-going and long term. Whether you’re actively involved in a search or have registered in our candidate database for future opportunities, we keep in touch!

The Candidate Experience

Our Recruiters are skilled at bridging the right Candidates to the right opportunities.  Through extensive interviewing, they will determine Candidate suitability for specific jobs and provide in-depth information about the position, the company, compensation, benefits and other important components in order for Candidates to decide if it’s the right opportunity to pursue.

Once engaged in a search, Candidates are never alone. Our Recruiters provide support, guidance and regular communication throughout a recruitment process and are available to answer questions Candidates may have along the way.

Once hired, Candidates can expect regular ‘Check Ins’ by our team, particularly early on in their employment.  By sustaining our relationship, we can determine Candidates’ satisfaction with their new jobs and provide further assistance if required. Remember, we consider and value our relationship with candidates for the long term.

Register in our Database

(Currently accepting Canadian and US based Candidates only)

By registering on our confidential database, Candidates won’t be missed when the ideal career opportunity arises. In addition to creating a profile and uploading a resume, Candidates can enhance their profile by selecting criteria specific to their career goals. By doing so, Candidates will receive career alerts and other helpful information via email that keep them informed of the latest career opportunities related to their interests and goals.

Once registered, Candidate profiles remain active indefinitely. At any time Candidates can manage and update their profile to reflect their career development and succession so that information is current and Recruiters don’t overlook their candidacy for future opportunities. With access to the right information, Recruiters will be better able to determine suitability and contact candidates to discuss potential opportunities.

*Candidate profiles and supporting documentation can be removed from the database through written request from the Candidate to Linda Mclean, info@cormackrecruitment.com

*Candidate information and/or supporting documentation will not be shared with Clients until Candidates have been Cormack Recruitment Approved and have provided verbal and/or written consent.

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Our Experts

To ensure quality service and quality outcomes, each Expert has been carefully selected by Cormack Recruitment so that we can best serve the needs of our Clients and Candidates.

Annabelle Cormack, CCP

Annabelle Cormack, CCP


Since 2004 Annabelle has recruited for a variety companies filling vacancies in HR, sales, marketing, administration, operations, customer service, supply chain and asset protection for entry level and management positions, including the executive suite. In addition to recruitment, she has partnered with small and medium sized businesses to provide advice and insight on marketing, HR, sales and customer service and is an Instructor for Langara College’s Designformation Program, where Annabelle designed and facilitates the program’s career planning segment.

In 2013 Annabelle obtained her Career Advising Certificate from Simon Fraser University and started Cormack Career Services where she works closely with students and adults in career planning, managing career/retirement transition and job seeking skills.

As President of Cormack Recruitment Ltd., Annabelle’s wealth of knowledge and experience are key in helping Clients achieve business objectives and Candidates maximize their potential. Working in tandem with her team of Experts, she plays an integral role in client and talent acquisition, relationship management and career advising providing the level of service and expertise Clients and Candidates have come to expect.



Christine Wall

Christine Wall

Recruitment Expert

With over fifteen years’ experience in recruitment and management, Christine has led a multi-faceted career with expertise in management, logistics, training and performance. Her corporate experience, insight, and skills play a key role in her ability to understand Clients’ needs and connect them to the right talent. She is well versed in recruiting having worked with a number of companies to secure talent for retail, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality in areas such as single and multi-unit management, franchising, real estate, HR, operations and key head and regional office positions. Whether sourcing new talent or leveraging her broad network, Christine is able to seek out and secure top talent that drive results and bench mark success for their future companies.


Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox

Business Development and Recruitment Expert

With expertise in business development, recruitment, networking and business management, Amanda is known for her ability to assess Clients’ needs and ensure the right Candidate fit resulting in positive outcomes for all. Having worked and supported a multitude of sectors including energy, insurance, retail, hospitality, transportation, logistics, marketing and more, Amanda has secured top talent and successfully placed Candidates in administration, operations, customer service, human resources and mid to senior-level management roles across the country, and in some of the toughest markets. Armed with an established network and highly developed sourcing, interviewing and communication skills, Amanda is able to meet and uphold any Client’s expectations as well as provide the level of service and attention to detail required to fill vacancies within their business.


Darren Huenefeld

Darren Huenefeld

Client and Candidate Relations Expert

Darren’s expertise in communication and client relationship management comes from years’ of professional retail and commercial insurance sales where he’s known as a top performer, not just by his ability to sell, but by virtue of his ability to connect with people and foster long term relationships. Personable, knowledgeable and committed to service excellence, Darren supports our Clients and Candidates by managing inquiries, conducting ‘Check Ins’ and represents Cormack Recruitment in the community and at events.


Linda McLean

Linda McLean

Communications and Project Management Expert

Linda’s expertise in communication, planning, organization and project management enable her to support Cormack Recruitment in a number of areas such as business development, marketing and communications, systems design and administration.  Linda manages multiple projects throughout the year to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible in order to sustain our level of service and build our brand.


Kevin Westwick, CPA, CGA

Kevin Westwick, CPA, CGA

Finance and Administration Expert

After attaining his Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Chartered Professional Accountant Designation, Kevin gained valuable knowledge and experience working in public practice and industry accounting before launching his own practice, www.westwick.ca, supporting small, medium and large businesses with a host of financial and administrative services. Requiring a “CFO” for our finance and administration department, Cormack Recruitment has secured Kevin to provide oversight on our bookkeeping, accounting and administrative practices ensuring compliance and accurate record keeping.


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