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At Cormack Recruitment, we are Talent Acquisition Experts. We provide a host of recruitment services to assist companies in securing top talent for a variety of industries, businesses and positions.

Most Recent Career Opportunities

  • Store Manager

    Richmond Hill, Ontario

    Reporting to the District Manager, the Store Manager will be responsible for all facets of the retail operation within a stand-alone store, the execution of the business plan and the development and success of the store’s team.

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  • Full Time Sales Consultant, Luxury Brand Leather Goods

    Vancouver, BC

    Working in downtown Vancouver and Reporting to the Boutique Manager, the Sales Consultant will provide exemplary service as well as in-depth product and brand knowledge to the boutique’s elite clientele.

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  • Territory Manager

    Montreal & Area

    Reporting directly to the Territory Manager for Quebec, the Montreal & Area Territory Manager will be responsible for building relationships and creating sales opportunities within their assigned territory.

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Finding the right person for the job requires more than simply sourcing a candidate who has the right qualifications. In fact, a successful Placement requires a candidate and a client who are well-suited to each other.

Our Recruiters have the connections, expertise, and instincts to find Candidates who share your values and priorities. In short, we find Candidates who fit right in.

Job Seekers

At Cormack, we take the time to get to know you. We look beyond the resume and see the qualities, talents, and aspirations that make you unique.

Our Expert team of Recruiters connects you with opportunities that align with who you are and what you are looking for. In fact, we excel at finding job Placements that are the perfect fit for our candidates.

job seekers

Our Team of Experts

The foundation of Cormack’s success is our well-connected team of gifted Recruiters. Our carefully selected recruitment Experts are seasoned professionals with a cross-section of experience in business management, human resources, and recruitment.

Annabelle Cormack, CCDPPresident

Annabelle is the Founder and President of Cormack Recruitment Ltd. where she leads a team of talent acquisition experts in Recruiting top talent from across Canada. She graduated from Simon Fraser University as a Certified Career Development Practitioner and has fifteen years of experience in the Recruitment industry.

In collaboration with businesses of all sizes and along a broad spectrum of industries, Annabelle creates and implements short and long-term Recruitment strategies.

Christine Wall, Recruitment Expert

 Christine joined Cormack Recruitment following a multi-faceted career in franchise development, logistics, management, and agency recruitment.

As a recruiter, Christine has collaborated with clients in the manufacturing, retail, tourism, hospitality and law enforcement industries. She has successfully led single and large-scale project recruitment campaigns across the country for multi-national and global corporations.

Christine’s intuitive nature, communication skills and extensive corporate experience contribute to her aptitude for connecting the right talent with the needs of our Clients.

Amanda Cox, Recruitment Expert

With expertise in recruitment, business development, management and networking, Amanda is known for her ability to assess clients’ needs and source candidates with just the right fit.

Her experience covers a multitude of sectors including automotive, insurance, retail, hospitality, transportation, logistics, sales and marketing and communications. She has successfully placed candidates in administration, technician, operations, customer service, human resources, and mid to senior-level management roles across the country, and in some of the toughest markets.

Armed with an established network and highly developed sourcing, interviewing and communication skills, Amanda consistently exceeds client and candidate expectations.

Darren Huenefeld, Client & Candidate Expert

 Darren’s communication and client management expertise are a result of years of professional retail and commercial insurance sales experience.

He particularly excels in the areas of relationship management and networking, and his success can be attributed to his interpersonal skills and his natural ability to connect with people thus fostering long-term relationships.

Personable, knowledgeable and committed to service excellence, Darren keeps communication channels open by responding to specific inquiries and by conducting regular check-ins with both Clients and Candidates. Darren also represents Cormack Recruitment at community events, trade shows and job fairs.

Linda McLean, Communications & Project Management Expert

Linda’s expertise is in the areas of communication, planning, organization and project management. Her responsibilities include business development, marketing and communications, systems design and administration.

Linda is in charge of a variety of business development projects that contribute to Cormack’s overall operational efficiency. She is instrumental in helping to maintain consistency in service delivery.

Kevin Westwick, CPA, CGA Finance & Administration Expert

Kevin is the Chief Financial Officer in Cormack’s finance and administration department. To ensure compliance and accuracy in our record keeping, he provides oversight on our bookkeeping, accounting, and administrative practices.

In addition to a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University, Kevin is a Chartered Professional Accountant. He has many years of public practice accounting experience as well as industry experience as a CFO.

Kevin provides other businesses with financial, accounting, advisory and tax planning services through his own firm, www.westwick.ca.

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